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KLIMATHERM, your expert in cooling technology

Our services

  • installation of cooling systems
  • reparation of air conditioners (either under or with no warranty)
  • mounting of cooling systems
  • mounting of air conditioners
  • planning and construction of cooling system units
  • instrumental check of air conditioners
  • instrumental check and cleaning of pipes
  • exchange of air conditioners with supply
  • trading of air conditioners
  • maintenance, indoor and outdoor cleaning of cooling units, pressure check, removal of fungi
  • operation of existing cooling systems

We undertake the complete transaction of air conditioning of catering places, industrial parks and institutions.

We give advice on how to handle air conditioners and we draw your attention to potential problems arising from the wrong operation and use of cooling system appliances.

What we offer:
Our services
  • We guarantee quick and reliable work across the country.
  • All the work done by Klimatherm is under warranty, our quality check is continuous to maintain the level of quality.
  • We give you a helping hand with complex cooling system problems accurately and quickly.
  • Our services are available non stop every day of the week, contact us by phone or via the Internet.
Why would 92% of our customers
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"I really appreciate their proficiency and work. If other Hungarian companies worked at this level of quality, there would be fewer heart attacks in the country. :-)"

"You were the one among a lot of other firms, who could sort out the problem of our broken air conditioner in the summer heat. Thank you."

"We chose you because of the excellent references. The phone call made the impression of this company being a really reliable one. The technicians were nice and helpful, too."

"Their references are convincing, their professional determination and knowledge is unquestionable, they offer service at excellent quality level.Thank you for everything, perfect service at high standard."

"Their proficiency is excellent. Keep it up!"

"I'm really satisfied with the work they did."

"I got acquainted with a reliable and fair company."