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KLIMATHERM, your expert in cooling technology

Who we are seeking?

Job offer
No jobs available at the moment.
Green card
"Based on the 22/1993. KTM order 2.§ (5): from 01.01.2002. any kind of work on any part of the cooling circuit can only be done by a person having a license with a portrait that justifies that the person has acquired the technology of how to handle cooling units. The certificate is given out by an organisation appointed by the Minister of Environment."
The process of choosing the applicants.
KlimaTherm HR
Curriculum vitae and enclosed documents (references, letter of motivation) all get into the database of KlimaTherm HR. The first screening is done from this database.

The best applicants for a certain position are invited to a personal HP interview, and in case of mutual sympathy and adequacy to a second professional interview where applicants are occasionally asked to solve practical tasks.

CVs should be sent to the hr@klimatherm.hu e-mail address..

No personal information is delivered to a third person.